Questions from the


Development Proposal & Timeline

What is the status of the proposal?

What is being proposed?

Where is the proposed development located?

What happened to the old golf course?

Should this land be developed at all? Why here?

When was the application submitted? When will Town Council vote on the approval of this development?

If this project was approved, how soon would construction start?

Public Engagement

When is the next public meeting?

How else can I stay connected to the project?

Water & Servicing

How will the new development be serviced?

How will the surrounding homes that are on well water or septic systems be affected?

Building Design

What style of homes are being proposed?

How big are the average proposed lots?

Parks & Trails

What is being proposed to the existing Ganaraska Hiking Trail?

How is the development considering natural and environmental features, including wildlife, on the site?

What park and trail enhancements are being proposed?